Hi. I'm Patrick.

I'm a 23 year old software engineer from Münster, Germany. I love to play around with Laravel, Tailwind and Livewire.

My Journey

  • Responsible for everything web related. From managing the main website to planning and realizing microservices and the infrastructure around it.

  • Digitalizing the German pharmacy industry. Building new platforms that support the daily work of pharmacists, connecting patients with pharmacies and this way helping the whole German population to live a healthy life.

  • Full Stack Web Developer, 2019 - 2022

    Building websites was always my dream job. Working with talented people around building brands, developing marketing strategies and publishing websites.

  • Initiator and developer, 2017 - Today

    During my search for my apprenticeship I've noticed that a lot of small businesses do not post their open vacancies online. Together with two friends we've started a regional site to give every business the ability to post their vacancies.

  • Specialist Application Development, 2019 - 2021

    Having a good education gives the assurance that you know what you're doing. That's why I've invested a lot of effort into this.

  • Fallen in love, 2015

    After learning the basics with vanilla PHP, I've fallen in love with Laravel. The simplicity and beauty the framework brought into my life was simply amazing. I'm forever grateful for everything Laravel enabled me in my life.

  • PHP

    The start, 2013

    The thought everyone in the world would be able to see a website I've build was the reason I've started tinkering with HTML, CSS and PHP.

What I've been working on

If I have any spare time (and am not working on Ausbildung MS) I quite like to build some fun stuff.

Where do I get cash?


Get a comprehensive map of all ATMs of the big banks in Germany. Filter and search to get the nearest ATM at your place

Where to recycle


Find the locations of all trash and recycling containers in Germany on a handy and easy to use map. The list is continuously growing.

Open Source

When building Ausbildung MS I often find some things I extract into their own Laravel/PHP Package

  • Easily integrate Telegram login into your Laravel app to use Laravels notification system to send Telegram notifications.

  • Generate links to Google maps with a location marker, a predefined route, street view open or a map region.